Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about on

Is an official government run 511 website?

NO. is NOT affiliated with CalTrans, CHP nor any other governmental website. NOTE: To ensure you are getting the most accurate data we recommend you check your state's official website for the latest information.

Does have archive video/photos from the cameras on the website?

No. does NOT archive video nor static photo content. California camera data displayed on the site is provided by CalTrans. You will want to contact CalTrans directly to inquire about archival data.

Can help me find a CHP Incident?

No. does not provide any services related to locating specific Incidents.

Is the freeway open? does not provide support for questions about whether a given freeway is open/closed/blocked etc. While the data provided on comes from state DOT data feeds we do not guarantee the accuracy nor timeliness of the content. Please see our Terms of Service for more details. We advise checking the website at the time you're looking to travel for updated information. NOTE: To ensure you are getting the most accurate data we recommend you check your state's DOT website websites directly. is NOT affiliated with any state operated DOT office.

Can provide travel advice?

NO. does NOT offer travel advice. All available traffic and lane closure information is available on the website and we have no special insight into either, refer to the first FAQ above.

I witnessed/reported an accident, can tell me what happened?

No. does not provide services related to determining the outcome of a given incident. For any additional details you will want to contact your local police department.

Can help with, or answer questions about an incident I was invovled in?

NO. is NOT affiliated with any state or local law enforcement nor governmental agencies. For matters relating to traffic incidents we recommend you contact your state/local police department directly.

Can you send me archived copy(ies) of police incident reports?

NO. is NOT affiliated with any state nor local law enforcement, nor governmental agencies. We recommend you contact state/local police departement directly to request archived content.